Get rid of social media

If you are looking for a job, get rid of all your social media profiles, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and all the rest. Fifty-six percent of Americans now have a profile on at least one social media networking site, according to a report by Edison Research. The same report found that a majority of social media users now check their accounts multiple times a day. While Facebook remains the most popular social media site, the number of daily tweets is on the rise — from 47% in 2010 to a whopping 76% in 2012 — for users with Twitter accounts. What do these statistics mean for job seekers and new recruits? Social media profiles provide hiring companies with another avenue for screening potential new employees, and for some job candidates it can either make or break their application, including those in the government market. And that’s when the trouble starts as i bet you there is this odd photo on facebook or twitter and the recruiter will check it out. First he will google your name. Check out the image search result. Then with new tools the recruiter will be able to find all the information he needs and you will be properly transparent. Because the other problem of social networks is that the danger is not necessarily yourself, but your friends, you will upload pics, tell stories and recommend people who are unfit and someway you will be associated with this. So before it’s too late, get rid of social media and let the recruiter do his job just like all times, by asking questions, and valuing the person he has in front of him, not on his computer screen. Check more at