Surviving Dehli

Welcome to the beautiful metropolis of Delhi – a city where ancient monuments can be seen on every corner, where you can find great shopping and the latest designer goods, and some of the largest slums in the country. We love to hate him but he would not live anywhere else. Delhi is the second largest metropolitan in India, second to Mumbai. That has spread in all directions, limited in all directions, bordered on one side by the state of Haryana and on the other side of the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The state of Rajasthan and Punjab are just two steps. Delhi can be overwhelming for first-time visitor. There is so much traffic, a large amount of dirt and the summer months can be very difficult. But if you are prepared and armed with the latest information, which does not seem so daunting. But before reaching the city for any purpose, there are many things that have to be ready for a trip without problems. The first thing that leaps to mind is the accommodation, but if you are in the city of Delhi does not have to worry about the housing section, because the city has plenty of hotels. Ranging from 5 star hotels in New Delhi budget properties, a number of hotels in New Delhi for all budgets. But if luxury is your taste, luxury hotels in New Delhi is the best bet. Most luxury hotels in Delhi are concentrated in southern and central areas of Delhi and these are placed in a favorable location with easy access to the airport, railway station, business and shopping districts and diplomatic enclaves . Speaking of the luxury hotels of New Delhi hotels offer the best options in life, with the best restaurants, bars, health clubs and most exclusive nightclubs. As a result, the high society of the city, used to entertain, be seen and lavish parties to celebrate the wedding, cocoon from the outside world, the prices here are among the highest in India. Here are some of the best 5 star hotels in New Delhi, which usually appears in the map of New Delhi. * Hotel Hyatt It is a smart, stylish and not too impetuous, with all the comforts of this famous chain. Excellent for eating, a gym and health center, in the best pub in the city, makes a luxurious Hyatt Hotel 5-star hotel in New Delhi. * Claridges An elegant facade thirties style marble lobby leads to the old Delhi, and the best setting. Facilities such as tennis courts, restaurants and a pool. * ITC Maurya Very luxurious with a variety of individually designed luxury rooms, a selection of good restaurants and a happening nightclub. * Taj Mahal The Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi also known as Taj Man Singh, is a colorful and luxurious in the style typical of the great groups of the Taj, with an impressive marble lobby and chandeliers, and an excellent selection of restaurants. * Oberoi One of the first of Delhi in the league and management to maintain quality without being strong and fearless. Opulent and luxurious, this hotel in New Delhi is highly recommended if you can afford.